Váljohka with packraft. 5 days

This threeday packrafting trip will take you deep into the arctic wilderness of Northern Norway. You will live like a true explorer, traveling into the unknown and sleeping in tents put up by the riverbank. You will get the opportunity to explore, not only from the water, but also through small excursions from our camps. You will have the opportunity to try and catch some of your own food by fishing and to share your stories by the campfires every night.  

Packrafting is a perfect way of travelling in the wild. It is easy since you do not have to carry everything you need on your back. It is fast, yet relaxing, so it allows you to get far into the wilderness with a limited effort with everything you need for a comfortable stay. It is silent so you do not disturb the wildlife or other travelers like a motorized boat would do and by that gets you closer to the environment. And finally, it is maybe the most environmentally friendly way of traveling in the wild since it leaves no traces. 

We will start this adventure from our base at Engholm Husky Lodge. This unique place is in itself worth a visit. Here you will stay the first night. 

The first day in the outdoors we will start on a three-day’s journey down the River Váljohka towards the River Tana which is the end of our outdoor adventure. 

This packrafting trip has a nice progression in the degree of difficulty from easy to intermediate paddling and is therefore suitable for any adventurous person, whether you are an experienced paddler or a first timer. Your guide will give you the necessary instructions. All participants wear life jackets.  

Day 1 Arrival at Engholm Husky Lodge in Karasjok, dinner, briefing about the details of the trip.
Day 2 Packrafting trip starts. Sleeping in tents. 
Day 3 Continue our wilderness adventure down the river. Sleeping in tents.  
Day 4 Paddle the rest of the rive, transfer back to Karasjok.
Day 5 Program ends after breakfast

Day 1 Arrival in Karasjok and Engholm Husky Lodge. You will be lodging in design cabins. Dinner is served in the lodge kitchen and your guide will go through the program for the trip and look at your personal equipment. There will be time for your own personal tour preparations and to have a look around the lodge and its surroundings. 

Day 2 After breakfast we will do the last preparations before we travel to the lake where the trip starts down the river Váljohka. The paddling starts easily with a few short rapids that will get your smiles out. We will be paddling across deep pools, small lakes and through narrow winding canals. Through mountain forest and open landscapes. 

At dinner time we set up our tent camp and after dinner there will be time for short excursions around the camp, fishing or other activities. 

Day 3 A new day in the packraft. The degree of technical difficulty will increase slightly throughout the day as we travel through the shifting terrain, making every part of the river a new and exciting experience. Activities and meals will be organized as the day before. 

Day 4 The last day in the packraft starts out with the same technical challenges as the day before and ends up in calm meandering deep pools with a lot of birds and other wildlife. Finally, we end up where the River Váljohka runs out into the biggest river in Finnmark, the Tana river which is on the border to Finland. After a 45 minutes’ drive we are back at Engholm Husky Lodge where hot showers and a good dinner is waiting for us.

Day 5 Program ends after breakfast.

Wind- and waterproof jacket (e.g. GoreTex, BreTex or similar membrane fabric)1
Wind- and waterproof pants (Like the jacket)1
Thick woollen sweater or fleece jacket1*
T-shirts, thin woollen shirts or other technical underwear2
Warm underwear (longjons and top with full length arms). Preferably wool or woollen terry1 set (minimum)
Warm hat1
Gloves, preferably waterproof gloves for padling or fishing (e.g. neoprene).1 pair
 Thick woollen socks 2 pairs
Extra set of dry clothes (t-shirt, sweater, pants, underwear and socks)1 set
Hiking boots1
Back pack, big enough to fit all your personal equipment inside + 15 liters (normally 65 to 110 liters)1
Sleeping mat / roll mat (can be strapped on the outside of the back pack)1*
Sleeping bag (minimum comfort temperature >/=0Celsius)1* (NOK 400)
Liner for sleeping bag1
 Towel 1
 Toilet articles and other private equipment 

- Items marked with * can be provided by Turgleder for free on request. Information about equipment you need must be conveyed to Turgleder minimum 2 week before arrival. Items with an additional cost are noted with the price.
- Please note that this is the minimum required clothing and equipment for this holiday. You are of course welcome to bring other clothes and equipment in addition to this.

- You should pack your clothing in waterproof bags to avoid equipment from becoming wet during the tour.

- If you choose to bring your own sleeping bag, this needs to have a minimum comfort temperature >/= 0˚ Celsius.

- We do also recommend that you bring a camera with extra memory cards and battery. Remember to brin waterproof casing or waterproof bags for your camera.

- You are of course welcome to bring your own Packraft if you prefer that.

Turgleder also provides:

  • Packrafts with oars and PFDs (Personal Floating Devices)
  • Tents
  • Stoves, cutlery and cooking equipment
  • Other common equipment necessary for this trip
  • Equipment that you do not need on the expedition can be transported from Alta to Stabbursnes for you.

Dates 2020: 

Available on request in July, August and September.  

Min 2 persons

The price includes: all meals from dinner on day one to breakfast day 5, 2 nights at Engholm Husky Lodge, 2 nights in tent, packraft and some other equipment. Please see equipmentlist. 

The price does not include: travel to and from Karasjok, personal equipment (please check the equipment list), travel insurance and alcoholic beverages. 

If you need more information about this adventure before you make your reservation/booking, please feel free to contact us via mail@turgleder.com or call us on +47 90244597 (Ingvild) or +47 90855556 (Liv).

When you are ready to book, please go to “booking” under the «general information» tab and fill in and submit the booking/registration form. When we receive your booking/registration form we will reserve a place for you and send you a booking confirmation also including some questions if necessary. When all details surrounding your participation are in place, we will send you an invoice. Your reservation is valid for 7 days after the invoice is sent.
For more information, please see our booking terms and condition under the “general information” tab.

Note: If you do not receive a reply right away, please be patient with us. We might be out on other adventures without any internet connections. However, if you have not received a response within 3 days, let us know.