• Liv Engholm and Thomas S. Nilsen

The motivation for establishing Turgleder was our desire to make a hobby, passion and lifestyle into a way of living. We wanted to spend our time outdoors and share our fantastic experiences with other people.

Our vision
Turgleder makes the Arctic wilderness accessible.

Our philosophy
For us, it is important to enjoy the environment on the environment's own terms, meaning that we wish to leave as few traces as possible and as far as possible avoid disturbing the natural environment that we enjoy and love so much.

We primarily cater for smaller groups. Our philosophy is that a small group will leave a smaller footprint on the environment and a bigger footprint in your heart. As a participant in a small group you will experience more closeness to- and a feeling of being part of nature more than being an observer.

In a small group you will receive personal attention from your guide and you will meet other likeminded people who will enrich your experience.

Nature and the environment are things we can both use and appreciate. Without our machines, we are a natural part of the environment. Every living thing in nature, both animals and plants, instinctively knows how to relate to humans. If we stop appreciating nature it will lose its value as a place for recreation and as a provider of good health. People will become even more detached from our common "mother".
For us, nature is a place for play, challenges, learning, recreation, harvesting and for mental and physical wellbeing. But nature is also a provider of fundamental services like fresh air and clean water and nature's ability to provide these services must be protected.


Our guests
The untamed nature touches something deep inside every human being.
Leaving the mechanical sounds, the artificial lights and the high speed of a modern city and entering into the natural world where time has no meaning and where silence is everywhere. Being exposed to an environment without fences and warning signs, responding only to what nature sends your way and having to rely on yourself to provide for your own comfort and wellbeing will touch the basic instincts buried deep inside you.

People react differently when the primitive man/woman sleeping inside is disturbed. Fear, joy, awe, playfulness, enlightenment - aliveness.
Our guests seek out these feelings, and welcome them. It can be for the first time or for the hundredth time, because every outdoor adventure presents its own unique experiences and they can be found alone, with friends or colleagues or together with new acquaintances.

The Arctic environment is rich, monumental, tough and unforgiving. But at the same time also fragile and vulnerable. The Arctic environment will need much longer time to heal a wound than the tempered environment further south.
Our guests respect nature's vulnerability and are willing to allow for later visitors and later generations to experience the same natural values as we do today.
Our guests also see the value of having an experienced guide to enhance the experience by taking care of safety and planning, teaching and telling stories, providing comfort and being a link to the local community.

Our guests also includes companies and organizations that besides our experience as nature guides also appreciate our experience in working with people in different situations and at different levels in an organization. They also benefit from our experience in logistics and planning to organize what is needed for a successful business trip or meeting.