Engholm Husky Lodge
in Karasjok is "a different place".
This is where we have our base and this is where most of our adventures and activities depart from. At Engholm husky Lodge you will be staying in log cabins designed and built by Mr. Sven Engholm. The unique style of the lodge comes from using only natural materials plus creativity to create the comfortable, relaxed and natural atmospherere. Most cabins are equipped with a wood burner to provide environmentally friendly heating and these add to the cosy and homely atmosphere of each cabin.

The unique design is Engholm Husky Lodgealso found in the lodge kitchen. The small and intimate kitchen is designed to bring people together in a social setting. Here you will meet your trip mates and other lodge guests in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages you to share your stories.

The 40 to 50 highly trained sled dogs at Engholm Husky Lodge are friendly and social dogs. As a lodge guest you are welcome to visit the dog yard to meet these elite athletes and see how they are cared for every day.

Engholm Husky Lodge is our prefered lodging facility. However, we are not limited to Engholm Husky Lodge alone. If you are already staying in another lodging facility or if you do not wish to stay at Engholm Husky Lodge for any reason you are of course still welcome to take part in any of our activities. For tailormade adventures we will help you find the best suitable alternative for you.

Additional days before or after one of Turgleder' or Engholm Husky's programs: From NOK 1.330 (full board and lodge).
SRS: From NOK 350 to NOK 850 per person/night
Wood heated Sauna: NOK 200 per person (minimum NOK 800)
Wood heated, outdoor hot tub: NOK 4000

Please contact us for more pricing details.


Things to see and do in Karasjok

Sami Parliament (link to information in english)
You can have a guided visit at the Sámi Parliament Monday to Friday at 1pm (during summer six times a day)

Sami Center for contemporary art  is a center for Sámi visual art and a profiled arena of contemporary expression.

Sami Knifesmith
The Strømeng family's ancestors brought the art of knife making to Karasjok in the 18th century. Since then, this craft has been carried on from generation to generation within the family. Today, knife-maker Strømeng is one of just a few craftsmen who still produce knives for the Sámi people.

Sami Museum
The collection is related to trade, households, religion, duodji/handicrafts and pictorial art, with their origins throughout all of Sápmi (Sámiland).

Sapmi Park
The cultural park with a summer siida (dwelling) and a winter siida, Stálubákti - Mountain of the Spirits is a unique film show, souvenir shop with Sámi silver workshop, Karasjok and Finnmarks first and only glassblower and Duodji, Sami handicrafts.

Graveniid, wollen clothing made in Karasjok
Abanti, Sámi designer
Muzet Shop, Sámi handcraft