Northern light safari

  • Northern lights over Karasjok river
  • Northern light safari
  • Turgleder´s northern light safari
  • Northern light safari


As far up from the River Karasjoka as you can hear a dog barking is the Haldecohkka (the Halde top). From this holy mountain you enjoy a 360 degree view of the sky, making it a perfect place to experience the magical Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

During the approximately 4 hours we spend outdoors, your guide will tell you about the Northern Lights in Sámi and Norwegian culture and also the science behind this phenomenon.



"Everything and everyone has its own háldi. Every human, every animal, every forest and every lake. Everything has its háldi".

In the old Sámi religion and culture, people believed that Háldis lived under ground, often in certain mountains. If a mountain is called Halde, Háldi, Haldde or Halldo it means that this is a holy place where Háldis lives.

We start our northern light safari at the Engholm Husky Lodge just outside Karasjok. You will be handed out a pair of snowshoes and with these simple aids the 1,5 kilometre hike to the Halde top will be easy. Up here are no disturbing lights and you can enjoy the full view either sitting on a reindeer skin by the warming fire or sitting alone in the darkness with a nice hot drink, just listening to Aurora.

…And who knows, maybe you will meet your own Háldi out there.


Aurora is a strange woman and she does not always show up. For her to show herself there needs to be a clear sky, there must be the right kind of activity on the suns surface and we need to be there when she shows herself. Therefore we cannot guarantee that we will see her every time.

Dates 2023
Everyday until April 1st .

Departure from Engholm Husky Lodge at 8pm to approx. midnight
Minimum 3 guests

The price includes
Guide, snow shoes, hot drinks and a light snack

Transfer from Karasjok on reguest for an additional fee.

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