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  • Sami reindeer experience

Visit Sami reindeer herder on the plateau” is an authentic product. Unique privilege made available by a Sámi family from Karasjok in Finnmark. This trip is recommended for people that would like to do something truly unique and learn about the real Sami culture and their livelihood is today. You will spend the day with a Sámi reindeer herder and his flock and experience their daily work with the reindeers in their natural environment. You will be picked up 10.00 at Engholm Husky lodge by the herder with his snow mobile and transported in the sled to the herd. Here you will get the opportunity to get close to the animals and to get a rare insight into the daily life of a Sámi reindeer herder. Here is no reindeer sledding. Small and simple lunch is included. Served around a camp fire in the wilderness together with the Sami reindeer herder and theirs reindeer.



In Turgleder we benefit from an extensive network that helps us create and organize authentic Sámi experiences. We cooperate successfully with Sámi reindeer herders and Sámi art and handcraft workers. This cooperation opens a rare access to the Sámi culture and way of living, in addition to the breathtaking nature experiences you can expect in the Arctic north.

If you like to join us for a longer adventure we can recommend our "Sami reindeer spring migration" trip. This trip got honored as one of the World's Best Guided Expeditions / "Tour of a Lifetime" by National Geographic Travel in 2014. :)

The Rough Guide has also honored our trip as one of "Top 20 animal encounters" and it is mentioned in Rough Guides-book ”Clean Breaks – 500 new ways to see the world” from 2009.

Link to a Sami Tourism Brochure for Northern Norway.

Here is the result of one of our projects in December 2015  "All Aboard! - The Sleigh Ride" shown on BBC Four on Christmas eve. Turgleder had the role as local host and fixers. Enjoy the ride!

Dates 2021-2022
Every day on request from 20th Dec to 10th April (tentative).

Departure from Engholm Husky Lodge at 10am
Minimum 3 guests

The price includes
Hot drinks is served around a camp fire in the wilderness together with the Sami reindeer herder and their reindeer.

It is recommended to bring a sandwich or something else to toast by the fire.

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  • Preferred departure date
  • Any medical issues we should know about
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