Tailor-made Svalbard & Spitsbergen

A 100% tailored adventure in the high arctic!

We make every itinerary to Svalbard directly to our guests upon request.

In Svalbard adventures are always around the corner, every season has something special to offer and it does not matter if you are a single traveler, a family with kids or a group of friends, there is always options for adventures for you.

Svalbard offers a lot of challenges for travelers, that you will not find other places, the traveling in the habitat of the polar bear, the King of the arctic, is the most exotic of them all. Traveling in polar bear terrain puts special demands on the knowledge of the guide to conduct a safe and responsible travel. In Svalbard everywhere outside the settlement of Longyearbyen is potential polar bear terrain.

Turgleder can provide guides with an extensive experience in all aspects concerning safety in Svalbard, including handling polar bear and all of the necessary equipment.

Turgleder have many years of experience in doing long and demanding expeditions in Svalbard, but this doesn’t mean that this is the only thing we can do for you. We can offer guiding for all kinds of adventures and for all kinds of groups, whatever you are looking for a hardcore expedition, a family holiday with that little extra or you want help in planning and running your next company trip. Our experience covers all forms of travel, ski, dog sledge, snowmobile, small boat travel, expedition ships or yachts, hiking or whatever you dream off. We can of course operate all year, whenever you wish.

Depending on the individual request we can offer a wide range of activity and several options for lodging in Svalbard, not only in Longyearbyen but also in Barentsburg, at Isfjord Radio and in Pyramiden.

Some options for day activities are:

  • Boat trips to the Russian mining settlement of Barentsburg with lunch at the local hotel and a guided walk in town with a local guide.
  • Powerboat trip to Isfjord Radio with lunch at this very special restaurant on the western most point of Spitsbergen island, including a visit to a large birdcliff and the chance to spot whales in the large Isfjorden.
  • Boat trip to the firmer USSR mining town of Pyramiden, the town is today a ghost town, but in its faded glory it stands as a testimony of the lengths the Soviet Union went to show the west that there ways was best, a "must" to visit in Svalbard!
  • Hikes in the mountains around Longyearbyen, walk on blue ice glaciers and climb mountain tops to gain fantastic views of the high arctic.
  • Kayak in Adventfjorden.
  • Historical walks and tours of Longyearbyen, see the worlds northernmost town through the eyes of a local and learn about all aspects of living at 79 degrees north!

Options for multi day activity:

Many options for boat or hiking tours over several days, from one night out to as many as you wish for! We can offer logistics with boat so that the trip can get out of town quick and so that we can reach further in shorter time. We can offer multi day trips with overnights indoors or in tents.

A equipmentlist will be provided after booking.



Private trips only.

Price on request.

If you need more information about this adventure before you make your reservation/booking, please feel free to contact us via mail@turgleder.com or call us on +47 90201194 (Kasper) or +47 90855556 (Liv).

When you are ready to book, please go to “booking” under the «general information» tab and fill in and submit the booking/registration form. When we receive your booking/registration form we will reserve a place for you and send you a booking confirmation also including some questions if necessary and a waiver/disclaimer of responsability. When all details regarding your participation are in place, we will send you an invoice. Your reservation is valid for 7 days after the invoice is sent. The waiver/discalimer of responsability must be signed to be accepted as a member on this expedition.
For more information, please see our booking terms and condition under the “general information” tab.

Please also give us feedback on following:

  • Any allergies/intolerances, food preferences (e.g. vegetarian)
  • Any medical conditions that we should know about
  • Any equipment you would like to borrow /rent from Turgleder

Note: If you do not receive a reply right away, please be patient with us. We might be out on other adventures without any internet connections. However, if you have not received a response within 3 days, let us know.

Film from our 2015 trip on Spitsbergen. Enjoy and welcome on our next trip.

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